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Traditional metal wedding rings are a no-go where some sports, hobbies and working environments are concerned. Have you been asked to remove your wedding band at work? Do you fear losing your wedding ring while knee-deep in your favourite sport? It can cause its fair share of emotional turmoil, right?
For fans of the waves and slopes especially, when fingers are exposed to cool conditions they shrink and can leave precious jewellery at risk of slipping off. In fact, this is what inspired our founder Stephen Wilde to invent Miband:

“I lost my wedding ring once (in a swimming pool in Sydney, Australia) and almost lost it again when surfing on the UK’s North Cornwall coast. This really brought home how I needed either something of less value I could wear as a substitute (and learn to love almost as much as the real deal) or something I could wear above my wedding band to keep it safely on my finger while I catch waves.
“With Miband your choices are as boundless as they are flexible. You can wear a Miband and be sure your wedding ring or other valuable jewellery stays safe. Life should be about enjoying the moment and with a Miband you can become immersed in your favourite activity or working day without the nagging fear of loss”.

In a number of trade, construction and other PPE work places, the choice to wear a traditional wedding ring is a significant health and safety risk – to yourself and others. With myriad potential hazards ranging from a metal ring becoming caught in machinery to acting as an electrical conductor to becoming a bacterial health threat, there is a clear need for a safe alternative to a wedding ring that the owner treasures and wears with just as much pride and style.
Miband – the revolutionary British silicone ring manufacturer – recognised this gap in the jewellery market and launched an innovative collection of alternative wedding rings designed to keep everyone safe, sound and satisfied. With a Miband wedding ring, you can keep that connection with your loved one without the added risk metal jewellery can present. With the simple sophistication and comfort of a traditional wedding band, each Miband is handmade in the UK so that it’s as much a unique symbol of love and commitment as its platinum, gold or silver counterpart.
With a range of UK ring sizes (from L to Z+1) to fit all fingers, as well as the inherent flexibility and comfort that a silicone ring brings to the table, you have 18+ snappy styles and shades to choose from. What’s more, for maximum weddings ring mimicry, we’ve handcrafted a Miband from real AG silver – this sparkler is precious in more ways than one.

Say “I will” to a Miband today!

Miband: Ring the changes with unique style