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Mibands are championed by sports clubs, gyms and leisure centres. The fun jewellery that flexes with the wearer’s style is also a favourite among athletes, sportspersons and outdoor enthusiasts. What they love most is that every UK made Miband is available in a full range of ring sizes and that they’re comfy yet secure.
Each of our silicone bands is ultra-flexible. This makes them ideal to wear when using exercise equipment and there’s a chance of snagging or when changes in conditions and body temperatures could cause the fingers to swell up or contract.  Whether you’re heading for the local park or a national stadium, make sure you get the right fit from the starting line by using our handy ring size gauge.
What’s more, our fashion rings come in so many designs that there’s bound to be a band in the colours of your team or nation. The Britannia Urban Camo is proving to be a particular crowd-pleaser among Brits country-wide while our Blue & White Urban Camo is a score with fans of Miband HQ’s local football club, Portsmouth FC. Whoever you support, there’s a Miband for you that will stretch your boundaries of style.

Miband: Ring the changes with unique style