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Miband makes silicone rings that are designed to be safe and comfortable to wear. Pliable, reliable and always stylishly viable, Mibands are popular with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) workers – from electricians, construction workers and mechanics to firefighters, the military and police force. They are an innovative safe alternative to metal rings.
With a full range of UK ring sizes available from L to Z+1, our flexible silicone rings are ideal for anyone who works with their hands or might be at risk of injury if their metal ring were to get caught. As well as being made in England from a 100% non-conductive, heat resistant, durable material, the MiBand is designed to break when stretched to a certain point.
Extra hygienic owing to its smooth surface which does not allow bacteria to become imbedded; our 100% medical grade silicone is ideal for those working in the healthcare and catering industries. While NHS workers are not permitted to wear metal jewellery that could interfere with machines and spread infections, the high quality silicone Miband is a fantastic alternative.
MiBand – which is non-toxic, non-irritant and hypo-allergenic* – is also the fashion ring solution for those who experience swelling in the fingers due to pregnancy, heat sensitivity, diabetes and other medical issues.
True Silver, which is handmade using real silver (AG), is particularly popular among PPE workers and NHS staff who desire a more precious stand-in for their wedding ring or engagement ring.  Whether you prefer plain and understated or you crave crazy colours and sparkles, check out our fabulous silicone fashion ring collection for a piece of fun jewellery that’s as unique as you are.

*Not suitable for those with silicone allergies.

Miband: Ring the changes with unique style